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CN&S has nearly 30 years’ personal experience in the international aviation sector working for many global tier 1 airlines and can provide technical and business development support across a broad range of aviation projects including aircraft handling, passenger handling, baggage tracking/tracing, customer service, route development and contract negotiation.


With many years of experience in the management and development of airports and large airport projects both in the UK and overseas, CN&S is well positioned to offer support across a range of airport commercial development, passenger analysis, route analysis, strategic sales planning and securing of new airline business projects.


Over the past two decades CN&S has played a very senior and active role in the development of the global air freight business and maintains close contact with a broad global network of key industry figures within airlines, ground handlers, logistics suppliers, freight forwarders and shippers. CN&S can assist with any size air freight development project.

Fixed Base Operations

CN&S draws on experience in successfully setting up and operating many FBOs in the UK and Europe, covering major airports such as London Luton, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London City in the UK as well as Ibiza and Valencia in Europe.  CN&S, with this hard won and wide-ranging experience, is well placed to support FBO operators, airports or customers in achieving their goals.

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

With many years personal experience working within a tier 1 airline MRO environment and providing technical and commercial support on a number of MRO set-up, aircraft care & maintenance programmes, and aircraft decommissioning & recycling projects, CN&S is well placed to support your MRO development projects.


CN&S with many years personal experience in the aerospace industry can access the whole spectrum of expertise needed by companies taking forward strategic initiative in the aerospace sector.  From technical projects support, to commercial and international business development CN&S can field the team of experts a particular project demands.


CN&S has a broad network within the UK, European and International space industry.  With specialists counting decades of experience with the European Space Agency and significant experience in ESA and UKSA grant and support systems CN&S is positioned to support technical and commercial projects in satellite applications, microgravity, satellite and launch technologies and sensors.


With many years experience with leading global defence companies CN&S is well position to support buyers and sellers alike on business and capability projects.  Whether staffing for procurement projects as an intelligent customer or structuring and implementing sales initiative of product promotion activities CN&S has relevant skills and experience to add value to your project.

Meteorological and Oceanographic

Our bespoke MetOcean forecasting and analysis service employs highly trained MetOc specialists to provide bespoke analysis and information services to businesses, agencies and private enterprise.  Our analysts are experienced aviation forecasters or oceanographers with a wealth of operational experience.  This has been acquired both in the UK and overseas, primarily within the deployed environment in support of UK Armed Forces.  The forecasters are trained as World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) 258 (Cat A) Aviation Forecasters.  We also employs specialists who hold Post Graduate or Masters level qualifications in Meteorology and/or Oceanography.

Unmanned and Autonomous Air Vehicles

CN&S’s experience in commercial drone operations positions it strongly to advise manufacturers, operators or customers on how to best approach and exploit drone technology commercially.   Tbd is soon to launch an unique UAV offering in the UK. Whilst much of this still commercially sensitive, it is possible to state that this venture will see UAVs embark on a new journey which will see them move into remarkable, valuable projects hitherto impossible.


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