Prestwick Airport FBO

Founded in 2006, the Prestwick FBO project quickly achieved profitability and a world-wide reputation for excellence. This increased Prestwick Airport’s international profile amongst the client base and saw significant increases in business. It became to “go to” location, offering H24 on all services and facilities.
Utilising innovative and detailed research techniques across many platforms the business succeeded on the basis of a deep real time understanding of customer air movements and needs and combined this with strong, direct and empathetic personal engagement with customers.  This engagement then allowed the product offerings to be finely tailored to generate the customer satisfaction and experience necessary to generate strong customer loyalty.
Many projects were successfully completed during Eddie’s time at Ocean Sky. Prestwick is a low-volume airport so these projects were necessary to overcome this limitation. Such a project involved an awareness of the need to increase revenue. The limitation was that there was a need to keep service fees low since Prestwick did not have the traffic volume associated with a major city airport.  To successfully achieve this aim and overcome these contradictory obstacles, a unique solution was found whereby Ocean Sky became the first FBO in the UK to offer pre-ordered Duty Free directly from the FBO. This allowed significant income increase from each client without raising fees.