Ground Handling - South Africa

Working on behalf of one of the largest ground handling organisations in the world, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), Mike identified an opportunity for WFS to become established within the continent of Africa for the first time and secured a lucrative five-year contract directly with the South African Government to take over the running of the cargo operations at the new King Shaka International Airport in Durban. As the only member of the WFS team in that continent, over the next three years Mike structured a brand-new company within South Africa, setting up full corporate, banking and accounting facilities, designing operational and organisational structures and employing and training a brand new 70+ WFS team (with special emphasis placed on equal opportunities and supporting the local under privileged). Operations began successfully on 1st May 2010 with the opening of the new airport and performance has remained at the highest levels ever since.
Mike then went on to establish complete air cargo and ground handling operations in Johannesburg and Cape Town on behalf of Worldwide Flight Services. Both operations are continuing to provide a significant contribution to WFS global revenues to this day.