Our Core Strengths

International Marketing & Business Development

The CN&S team claim a collective 80 years of experience in international marketing, sales and business development in the aviation, aerospace and defence sectors.  Our team is comfortable in engaging at the highest levels in any geography and possesses a range of enviable personal networks in most of the principal aerospace participating nations.

Political Lobbying, Marketing, PR and Promotion

CN&S has experience in promoting business objectives amongst political decision makers and other relevant agencies. With many years’ experience in UK and international markets we can support businesses in mounting concerted promotional campaigns involving effective conference and exhibition attendance, PR, Media and Social Network engagement.   We have a deep network of proven cost-effective service providers who can deliver rapid and responsive results however short the notice.

Business & Corporate Strategy Development

CN&S’s team comprise professionals with many years’ experience in developing and implementing corporate strategies and business development plans in the aviation and aerospace arena.  The ability to bring complementary additional and informed perspectives to any business or corporate challenge allows customers to broaden their strategic options and maximise outcomes.  CN&S appreciates that every business situation is different and supports management teams and shareholders with empathetic, constructive and collaborative engagement.

Market Research & Business Planning

The CN&S team includes specialists with significant experience in market research and analysis.  This provides the data foundation for informed business planning.  Our analytical analysis and financial planning capabilities allow customers to evaluate the risks and opportunities of different strategies through tailored and structured modelling of the financial dynamics involved.

Technical and Operational Improvement

The CN&S team includes aerospace professionals who have operated at senior operational executive levels in major aviation and aerospace enterprises.  We are well placed to support customers in developing and implementing technical projects, operational change or improvement programmes providing the supplementary capacity to make desired progress without distracting or diluting existing management focus.

Product or Service Development

The CN&S team includes professionals experience in technical product or service development projects.  We can structure, oversee and implement development programmes in collaboration with existing development teams and provide external review and progress services.

Project Management

The CN&S team is qualified in PRINCE II project management processes and familiar with the wider range of aerospace and aviation related project management programmes.  We can provide a wide range of support or capacity to customers implementing major or minor projects include day to day project services and periodic oversight and review support.